Garden Statements

Episode 19:'s Associate Editor thinks the Giudices need to open their own Italian language school.

on Sep 17, 2012

No. 1 - Rosetta Giudice Stone

Forget cookbooks and Fabellinis, Teresa's newest business venture should clearly be an Italian language school. Or at least some sort of text book or web series. Italian the Giudice Way needs to happen.

Watching Joe and Teresa's try and give Italian lessons to the girls was just plain adorable. There were papers and texts strewn about, Joe was trying to find the word for sandwich -- it was a cute (if not perhaps particularly well organized) Italian class. Of course it was impossible that things would go as planned, because of the inevitable Milania mischief. After referring to it as a Spanish lesson and complaining that she had no idea what Teresa was saying (because she was speaking Italian), it was up to Gia to save the day. I think Gia was made to be a foreign language drill instructor (or just a drill instructor), because she is all business.

(Plus don't we all need to learn how to say prostitution whore in Italian?)