Garden Statements

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor examines the best moments from the ladies' Shore escapades.

Apr 23, 2012

Yes, I'm fist pumping right now because the Jersey girls are back. And they're going to the Shore. Pour yourself a big cup of Ron Ron juice and hunker down with some pickles, because this is going to be a delight.

But before we dive in to the Season 4 premiere, let's take a moment to reflect on where we left off -- at a reunion which left us with way too many unanswered questions. Why was Jacqueline absent? Why do Caroline and Teresa hate each other? How did Kathy make that giant cannoli shell? (OK maybe that last one was just me.) Well now we're finally going to get some answers.

So while we plumb the depths of these Jersey mysteries this season like a leopard print wearing Nancy Drew, enjoy my picks for the three most memorable moments from each episode. (And be sure to add yours in the comments.)