Garden Statements

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor examines the best moments from the ladies' Shore escapades.

Apr 23, 2012

No. 3 - Summer of Love (and Gorgasms)

Joe Gorga is on a mission this summer. And that mission is to rid himself of as much poison as possible. The man is so dedicated to achieving this goal that he's adding a new bedroom to his Shore house with soundproofed walls. To translate this into Shore lingo, Joe is creating the ultimate smush room.

What Joe failed to realize was that there's no bigger turn off for Melissa than a dirty, unfinished house with construction equipment everywhere. Oops! Looks like those Gorgasms are going to have to wait.

Side note: Inpentego (or impetigo as it's more commonly known)? Where did that come from? I had to WebMD that immediately, because I've never heard of it before. Was that not an odd go-to malady to throw out there?