Garden Statements

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor examines the best moments from the ladies' Shore escapades.

Apr 23, 2012

No. 2 - I'll Be There for You

In the spirit of last season's premiere, we get a Teresa/Joey showdown. Not quite as dramatic as the christening, but still involving some Italian exhortations. It started out nice enough, with Joey taking Teresa aside to let her know he's there for her no matter what happens with Joe. Cue the collective awww.

But then Teresa wants to know why he never called while Joe was away. Joe brings up the time he brought her a check when she needed $25,000. Chaos ensues.

Only siblings can go from best friends to mortal enemies and then back to friends at the drop of a hat like that. But I'm rooting for them to stay on good terms, because their kids are so cute when they're all together. And also because a Gorga/Giudice Shore party would be the event of the summer.

Side note: Totally jealous that Teresa and Joe are fluent in Italian.