Garden Statements

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor explores all of this week's surprises (both good and bad).

May 14, 2012

Party of None

Poor Kathy. She just wants to be the glue that brings her family together. And who doesn’t love a good backyard BBQ/pool party? Family fun at its finest. But Kathy just can’t catch a break between Rich telling his kids to secretly not invite any of their friends and Caroline and Jacqueline backing out. The glue was left with two feuding siblings and enough potato salad, pasta salad, and lemon ice for an army. Sadly the lemon ice did not manage to cool any tempers.

The other thing I couldn’t help thinking –- were Victoria and Joseph miffed that their annual party got taken over? Hopefully they just had their friends over the next day for all the leftover potato salad, pasta salad, and lemon ice.