Garden Statements

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor thinks Lauren should just turn her new store into a gay bar.

on Jul 9, 2012


Oh Milania... It's always bad when a cute child does naughty things. You can't help but laugh! That's what I imagine is the case for Teresa and Joe. How can you get angry with Milania once she flashes that impishly cute smile? How do you take it seriously when a little girl one quarter the size of her father continuously calls him a big poop? Maybe I'm still four-years-old at heart, but I cracked up every time she said it.

The whole thing is all the more hilarious when you see all the other Giudice girls cleaning up and going about their morning. Milania's the stereotypical little sister who drives you crazy, yet somehow manages to get out of trouble (which drives you even MORE crazy). You know deep down Gabriella dreams of putting down the Windex and cracking the perfect joke.

For those of you in need of a refresher on the best Milania moments, check out out the top ten from last season. Then of course enjoy her most recent, poop-filled mischief below.