Garden Statements

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor thinks Lauren should just turn her new store into a gay bar.

on Jul 9, 2012

Dance Dance Revolution

Holy J.Lo, Jersey fans! Is Melissa actually rehearsing with Michael Jackson's choreographer/J.Lo's ex, Cris Judd? Why yes, that is correct. Hats off to Melissa, because she is really striving to raise the bar in the world of Housewives performances. If this guy can't bring her On Display game to the next level, no one can. (Although as usual Kim Zolciak provides some stiff competition even in the dance department.)

Cris wasn't exactly impressed with Melissa's moves at first; he wants her to find the power in stillness. Hold up. What? Isn't she supposed to learning some sweet new moves? Where does stillness come into this? I want to see them do some crazy choreo! I want Melissa to be doing one-handed flips across the stage! All I can say is their next few sessions better get a little more intense.

Side note: I love that Melissa practices with him at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio where her daughter, Antonia, gets dance lessons. This place is blowing up!