Garden Statements

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor thinks Lauren should just turn her new store into a gay bar.

on Jul 9, 2012

RHONJ Goes to a Gay Bar (Part II)

Last week Kathy and Rosie took lesbian hot spot, Cubby Hole, by storm. This week the Manzos and the Gorgas go all out at gay bar Boxers for Greg's birthday. This season is basically just like watching an hour of rainbows and unicorns (and I love it).

First of all, does Greg go out to gay bars with Lauren and Jacqueline often? How was that an effective decoy? If so, can we follow those three around, because I can only imagine what kind of trouble those three would get into.

And of course the Manzo bros made sure Melissa would be there, because let's face it, Greg is just a little bit obsessed with Melissa. (Don't believe me? Exhibit A.) With Melissa of course comes Joe, which means only one thing -- gratuitous nudity. Joe was ready to shake it shirtless until they kicked him out of the bar. As great as that was, I will admit, I was kind of hoping he'd show up rocking that Snooki costume from last year. Oh well. At this rate, he'll be able to do that next week when Lauren decides to scratch her original idea and turn her new store space into a gay club.