Garden Statements

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor thinks the 'Jersey' crew should always speak in a British accent.

Jun 11, 2012

Just when you thought Jersey couldn't get any gayer, a wedding full of fascinators and butterflies happens along with a whipped cream fight on the Jersey Shore. And yet again, it was full of tears and moving moments. Oh and a lot of talk about Kate Hudson Middleton.

No. 3 - The Queen's English

Like a gift from above, Chris Manzo decided en route to the wedding that everyone should try their hand at a British accent to really get into the spirit of the English-themed nuptials. I ask you, what could be more thrilling than seeing the Jersey crew take on the queen's English? Nothing, that's what. It was as if we had suddenly been transported to Downton Abbey by way of a party bus in Chicago.

The Manzo kids probably had it down best, but of course used it only to insult each other. That's OK though, because it sounded so very proper. It's not mean when it sounds regal! The real treat however was Teresa's attempt at a British accent. Even she knew that wasn't going to end well, but props for being a good sport. All we got was, "It divine," and yes, it was divine. There was really no discernible trace of an English accent. None at all. But I think if you listen very closely, you can sense the spirit of the United Kingdom in that utterance.

Side note: Kate Hudson was in no way involved in the royal wedding. And no, Kate Middleton would not think the feather was too much.