Garden Statements

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor thinks the 'Jersey' crew should always speak in a British accent.

Jun 11, 2012

No. 2 - Gays Do It Better

I really can't argue with Caroline (because it's true and I also wouldn't want to be on her bad side), "Leave it to the gays, they do everything right." How is it possible to throw together a wedding with horse-drawn carriages, swans, and boxes of butterflies all at a fairytale venue? With a little fabulous elbow grease evidently. Aren't weddings supposed to take upwards of a year to plan? Yet somehow everything came together and it was a gorgeous (although very hot as we learned from Jamie's sweat-soaked shirt) day.

Chris' interview about his brother was also as beautiful as the wedding itself. You could tell he loves his brother and was genuinely happy for him. And how great were those vintage shots of Chris and Jamie? Something tells me those two were the cause of a lot of broken hearts in Jersey.

Side note: I don't understand why everyone seemed so hung up on whether the horses would stop and poop as they carried in the happy couple. Was there a bet? Obviously they weren't going to, this is a proper gay, English-themed wedding!