Garden Statements

Episode 7:'s Associate Editor thinks the 'Jersey' crew should always speak in a British accent.

Jun 11, 2012

No. 1 - It Gets Better

Another week, another gay moment that brings me to tears. Seriously, RHONJ has become the new face of the "It Gets Better" campaign. First we have Jamie and Rich's vows. I definitely don't envy Rich having to go second. It's got to be pretty tough to deliver your own speech after your partner pontificates on how much he loves you. But then Jamie makes it worse by bursting into tears when Rich starts his vows. At that point, obviously, Rich loses it too and it becomes a full on cry fest. Touching, but keep it together! We want to hear the vows! (This is why I always keep my speeches humorous.)

Then helping to continue the unending river of tears, Caroline takes the stage to deliver her speech. After we get past the mountain of minds analogy (odd visual, I have to admit), Caroline really brings down the house when she talks about Jamie's coming out and how he was scared to disappoint his parents. But both his mom and dad were both just happy he was finally "free" to be himself. Of course now there is not a dry eye in the house.

But hey if you're need to come down from this roller coaster of emotions, just remember that Caroline is wearing a lily pad on her head.