Garden Statements

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor thinks Albie has finally figured out Ashlee.

Apr 30, 2012

No. 2 - Sext Scene

"All of a sudden people's crotches are getting into cyberspace." -Kathy Wakile on America's sexting episdemic

Kathy wisely had the foresight to have her children's Twitter accounts linked to her own email in order to monitor their messages, because Joseph's become quite popular with the ladies. And some of these ladies aren't afraid to get sexty, much to Kathy's horror and Rich's amusement. While Kathy tries to reach out to this girl and send her a message, Rich just wants to ogle the pics some more.

I can only imagine how different the situation would be if some boy had sent Victoria a racy message. Kathy and Rich would probably go into full on detective mode, hunt down the sender, and give him a taste of the patented Wakile family judo. This girl gets off with a stern warning to do something "more productive with her beauty." Luckily everyone was able to LOL about the situation in the end, and a valuable lesson was learned -- don't put Rich in charge of the response if this happens again.