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The Real Larpers of New Jersey

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor thinks the show could use some more role playing action.

Jun 18

It was an episode full of fights, fears, and talking dogs (we'll get to that). And now we're finally starting to get the answers to all of those questions left over from the Season 3 reunion. Thank goodness! I think we've waited long enough.

No. 3 - A Ping Pong Ball of Emotions

Oh Kathy. Jersey's most sensitive soul is troubled (understandably so) by the latest tabloid story that Teresa may have to go to jail. Although Kathy wants to reach out and be there for Teresa, she's just not sure that her concern will be well received. Again, understandable given their past history, which was so conveniently reviewed in this montage.

I'm hoping she does end up taking Melissa's advice and having a little "talk stoop" with Teresa. It's about time these cousins made up. Think of how magical a cannoli collaboration between these two could be!

Also what was with that long pause during her interview? It went on for hours.

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rushinwater 6 pts

Someone save the dog!And I do not mean catching him and bringing him back to that house of horrors.Poor puppy!

RachelleFromOhio 512 pts

Teresa needs NEW HOUSEWIVES to play with.  Please get rid of Caroline, Jacqueline and Melissa.  Kathy can stay.  I think her and Teresa can work things out...AND I honestly love her family, well Ritch needs work, but Rosie and her Mom are keepers! 

smedly151 1004 pts

Jac seems weak and manipulative, they do go hand in hand.  She has issues.  If you watch the whole season she is very kind but defensive.  She doesn't like for anything to be her fault.  She doesn't like her issues out there.  She doesn't even seem to recognize them.  

Big kudos to Chris, I think he is wonderful and will be her strength through it all.

She is not bad by any means just wishy washy and it is obvious Teresa really loved her.

louise123 2888 pts

This show has just lost all credibility with these women and it's actually insulting to the fans. It was fun for a while, trying to figure Melissa and Joe out. I mean who would ever believe a brother and his wife would actually come on maliciously and be that diabolical for fame, I sure didn't deep down. But as we eventually found it out to be true, things got pretty dark quick. It's been disturbing to follow because we see exactly what they are doing, and we are silenced; all we can do is show support through sales. It's true. No one wants to say that but it's true. They are cookbooks for god's sake! We couldn't speak louder. After Joe set his sister up with that private "conversationgate," it was just too much and then it felt wrong just to be watching. Now, with Caroline promising us a big finish with the shocking truth, (and somewhere I had secretly hoped there was valid reason for this group lynching), it turns out her truth was (because she told us last night) that Teresa has made Dina hate her. Now mind you, we couldn't be clearer that this is untrue as Dina herself has emmerged on the scene to set the record straight, quite a few times, unsolicited, and on various outlets. Caroline can't call her sister a liar because Dina will just set the record straight again, so she has completely built all of this piggy-backing with Melissa out of hostility based on jealousy. I feel violated. Jaqueline is actually going to spin into the ground soon. We will find her still logged on to twitter with UPS boxes of her 'next new exciting project' forming a fort around her. She tediously posts on twitter "I'm great" I love my life" "I have great friends that I've had for years" "I'm so happy with new projects I'm doing."  It's so sad that she isn't removed enough to see how ridiculous she looks and that her tweets are a tutorial on where she really isn't happy. Me thinks thou doust  jumps to mind, it does in everyone's.  Everything she say is a contradiction, all you have to do is read her tweets to know the opposite of how she's actually getting along. It's so obvious, I almost feel sorry for her. I say almost, because the pain she was willing to have Teresa and her children endure, to have Teresa fail so she could "get" anything has been unforgivable. That's the most diserning part of all of this. Because Teresa has been so successful in books, "q" ratings, anything she touches, this group somehow feels if they get rid of her, they have a place to climb too. It's ludicrous and quite frankly, it was a very rookie move. Melissa laid this out and the others thought it was working. The other HW shows, the women get that you can't do that- I believe the perfect storm of having Melissa joing hell bent on removing Teresa, combined with Caroline losing Dina because of a shady business deal teamed these two up to do each other's dirty work without even speaking. RHONJ had been insulting because they are being dicredited at every turn and we literally watched a draw and queartering for greed. Poor Jacqueline is so off her rocker now, she even had her husband involved last night (just in case we didnt know where she's coming from.) to help just a little bit more in the divide and conquer. This man has just as high of stakes, if not more, in this plan to "get her spot" and nobody is talking about it. I don't know why not, everyone talks about Teresa's everything  in any slanderous manner they feel like on every airwave they can, So let's just call em as we see em shall we? Chis does a talking head bit to tell us Teresa is bad. As per usual, they are orchestrating facts and nothing adds up. Even the little things;just constant digs ala Melissa. (well, they see it working) Jaqueline's grown husband climbed in the sanbox to beat Teresa over the head, he said Teresa calls every morning at 8am, that he and Jacqueline can set their watches by it, and all Teresa does is talk about herself, all she ever does is talk about HERSELF. And in the next breath, in the hypcrisy we've come to know and know, Jaqueline is screaming and crying at Teresa (and "us" of course) that Teresa tells her NOTHING. This show is a horrible combination of tedious and disturbing. No good Bravo. All of this is because Teresa's cookbooks worked, big, big money, and Jaq's and Caroline's project, BLKwater failed. Jaq's husband and Car's boys created BLKwater. That is the entire problem in a NUTSHELL. They hate hat we gave Teresa success, and not them. The pandering Jaq is now doing on twitter is desperate and pitiful. The death of a family, Teresa's parent's family, has not been fun to watch. it was orchestrated and carried out by Melissa and Joe.. Jaqueline is one beer short of a six pack because nothing panned out for them. I believe Dina not talking to she or Caroline regarding a business deal that DIna will never tell us what went down, topped with the fact that their won huge endeavors failed while simeltaneously watching Teresa just soar was too much for them and they tweaked bad. Teresa in no way, shape

matthewsmama915 5 pts

ur not funny at all...please bravo bring back Jay !! he was soo hysterical with his RHONJ blogs!! this person whoever u are just is trying way too hard to be like JAy and not cutting it at all...just saying

IamNobodysHW 761 pts

I loved the video of santino LOL. However Jac and CaroLIE have some serious issues with inner demons and need to leave Teresa alone.  CaroLIE  will  bully anyone who doesn't  bow down to her.

louise123 2888 pts


 Jaq has gone off the deep end and need some help-fast. Greed and envy do terrible things. Just terrible.