Garden Statements

Episode 8:'s Associate Editor thinks the show could use some more role playing action.

Jun 18, 2012

No. 1 - The Real Larpers of New Jersey

Well we all knew this was coming, but who knew it would happen so soon? The Caroline/Teresa turmoil finally boiled over, and now their reunion rumble from Season 3 is starting to make sense.

Now like any Jersey fight, it was pretty rough. You know it's bad when Caroline confronts someone, and Teresa isn't exactly one to back down. This was definitely a clash of the titans, but luckily no lightning bolts (or tables) were thrown.

However the best part of all this hubbub was when Teresa proclaimed, "Are these bitches really role playing?" This of course conjured up some stellar images in my mind. Could you imagine Caroline and Jaqueline larping (live action role playing for those of you who haven't encountered this uber-nerdiness before)? I would love for this entire scene to have happened while they were dressed up as over-the-top anime characters. Or even in some medieval Dungeons and Dragons garb. Combine that with the faux-English accents from last week, and this could become the most amazing show that ever existed.