Garden Statements

Episode 12:'s Associate Editor thinks Greg and Patti LaBelle were meant to be friends.

on Jul 16, 2012

No. 1 - When Greggy Met Patti

Greg loves Patti LaBelle. Like really loves Patti LaBelle. As soon as he caught a glimpse of her at the Fancy Food Festival, it was over. He was bringing her some .blk and talking to her no matter what. He would have scaled a wall and swam through a moat to spend some time with this woman.

However Greg nearly didn't make it over to her, after being overpowered by the fabulousness of her Louis Vuitton scarf. Somehow, some way he was able to recover his senses and deliver the .blk water. What happened next was truly magical experience for both Greg and the viewers.

First off, Patti LaBelle knew who Greg was because she's a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey. From the look on Greg's face I thought he was going to float away and enter heaven. Then she confirmed what Greg has been saying all along -- she is his godmother (not actually, but totally in spirit). Again, look of pure ecstasy on Greg's face. And when Patti whipped out her Louboutins, well, if the scarf nearly stopped Greg from coming over the shoes nearly stopped his heart.

Best part of the whole scene: Greg referred to her only as Miss Patti. He probably said Miss Patti about five times.