Garden Statements

Episode 16: Associate Editor is still teary after all the birthday speeches.

on Aug 20, 2012

No. 3 - Eggmits?

Wow. Well that was a whole lot of episode. Since you're probably still coming down from the phone call drama and the impending Toast Gate scandal, I figured you might need some comic relief. Thus I bring you the eggmit.

What's an eggmit you say? It's Melissa Gorga's signature way of saying admit. Why does she say it that way? Well, I think it's one of life's great mysteries. Maybe it's a Jersey thing? Or perhaps she's just hoping to start a trend. First the music industry, and now the English language -- Melissa is taking over the world! Soon enough we'll all be speaking Gorga.

Just wait, it will be all the rage. You have to eggmit, it's pretty catchy...