Garden Statements

Episode 16: Associate Editor is still teary after all the birthday speeches.

on Aug 20, 2012

No. 1 - Wine Tears

It's hard to throw a good birthday for a mom. Moms have a knack for making it extremely difficult to celebrate their birthday -- they don't want anything, they don't want a big party, etc. But you know they do, which leaves you at a total loss as to how to proceed. Thus I think the Manzo kids had the right idea -- disregard anything mom says, we're throwing a surprise party. Deal with it!

And really who can argue with a beautiful dinner overlooking a Napa vineyard? Couple that with some beautiful and emotional speeches from your children and you have yourself an undeniably successful fete. Hats off to you, Albie, Chris, and Lauren. (Though I think my own mother will have to settle for a view of the rolling hills of the backyard this year.)

Side note: Although Joe Giudice's speech was at first a little awkward (seeing as he couldn't remember The Brownstone), he did manage to make it pretty touching. With all the wine that was consumed, I'm surprised everyone wasn't sobbing throughout the entire meal like Teresa.