Garden Statements

Episode 17:'s Associate Editor was perplexed by the men's make out session.

on Aug 27, 2012

No. 2 - Hands On

I think Kathy hit upon a genius idea for a new reality show: Patterson Girls. The tagline could be something along the lines of, "Don't put your hands on a Patterson girl (or her hair)." Clearly the town that produced Kathy, Teresa, and Joe Gorga is a gold mine.

Anyway, Teresa got touchy feely with Kathy in a not so friendly way, and the porcelain rainbow princess was not amused. It made me wonder if Kathy was the queen bee of her middle school back in the day. Maybe she went through a rough patch and then found her softer side through baking? (How great would that be as a YA fiction story? Twilight: Breaking Cannoli, The Kathy Diaries, etc.) It seemed a little tense there for a second, as if things might blow up even more between these two (you could tell from Melissa's face that she was bracing for impact), but luckily it fizzled.

Side note: I also loved the cut to Rich's "F---?" expression in the background. Everyone's face from this scene was truly amazing.