Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline talks about Ashlee's departure, Teresa's apologies, and the poker night fight.

on Apr 30, 2012

Nobody was really talking about Teresa in a negative way before she got there. It was more about Joe not knowing how to handle Teresa, because every time he would try with her, Teresa would bad mouth his wife. It was hard for him, but he was trying to let it go. So was Melissa. I did my best not to say a word about it or get involved in their family drama, but I did suggest that he apologize for calling Teresa "garbage" and that even though I knew it came from a place of hurt, it was inappropriate and hurtful in itself. Once again, I'm always looking at both sides. I see everyone hurting, not just Teresa. If I could have ended their pain, I would have tried anything at that point to help them find resolve. I hate seeing anyone hurting.

The fight between Joe and Richie started out in play. They were busting each other's chops, like they always do, and when Joe grabbed Richie's balls, Richie grabbed Joe and flung him into the couch where Joe's eye hit an iron candle holder on the way down. Richie felt horrible about it, he called several times to apologize, but Joe wouldn't pick up. It was an accident. A candlestick actually gave Joe the black eye. It was all rough play gone bad. Boys will be boys.