Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline questions whether she ever really knew Teresa.

on Jun 13, 2012

I have been asked to be on the cover of magazines. I said no because they were articles that would have been negative about me and my daughter or about why I didn't attend the reunion. I also turned down talk shows for the same reasons. I also shot a magazine cover with Teresa where we got paid pretty well. We controlled what went inside. If more than one person is on the cover, at least one of those people is controlling the article. I know how the magazines work. Teresa told me about her cover deals. She went and strategically posed for these covers. They asked her questions and she answered them, just like she said. They wrote the articles based on her interviews. Whatever she wanted quoted they put in quotes. When she wanted to say something sneaky and untraceable, they put it in the article as a "source." The sun shines on everyone, not just Teresa. I know Teresa is under the assumption that everyone is jealous of her, but I can't blame her, that is how all narcissists think. The reality is I'd choose my life and who I am as a person over her life and who she is any day.

The article with the dog seemed a little obvious that she had a lot to do with what was written inside. These were all things that Teresa complained to me about, so that is why it was so obvious to me. Teresa said, "This is business." ("Business" = Money Earned) The article coincidently listed all the people she disliked the most. Just like she did with her book, she used her family and friends to make money doing her "business." She didn't want the viewers to like her family. It drove her crazy when they did.

If I looked perplexed when Teresa told me about her "renewal of vows" cover to put to rest all of the rumors she started about herself in her previous covers, it's because I was. She knew I was asked to do the same thing, and I was told it would be made into a big deal by the tabloids. I turned it down. It's just not me. I'm a simple girl. However, I was surprised that Teresa waited until we were on camera to tell me that SHE was going to do it. I think she wanted to hurry up and do a cover before I changed my mind and out shined her or something. I think that is why she went so over the top with her renewal picture. Her cover would come out before mine because they wanted mine to come during Season 4. It was just bizarre to me and the whole concept was so fake. (Just like the prop dog idea in the last article.)