Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks she may have gone too far with Gia, but was shocked by Teresa's comments about Ashlee.

on May 23, 2012

In case you didn't figure it out, Melissa, Teresa, Kathy, and Joey were together on the same team by design. I didn't want them competing against each other for once. I wanted them to see the strength in working together as a team. I wanted them to forget why they were even fighting. I kept thinking that the more good memories they make, the less they will remember the bad.

It hurt me so badly when Teresa said that she really wasn't having any fun and didn't even want to be there, because she would have rather gone down to the shore. I thought that was so rude, hurtful and ungrateful.

Most of us saw Gia running into the house upset about her team not winning while shouting at everyone calling them cheaters. It was a bit disturbing. Although, I couldn't help but notice Gia was the one cheating at the dunk tank game. LOL! Nobody was seriously being mean to anyone! You can clearly see everyone laughing, teasing, and being playful. We all love Gia. I think Gia is just misguided and maybe a bit hormonal as well. It's typical for a 10 year old to be emotional. Of all people, I think I understand that very well. I went inside after Gia, because I cared about her feelings.

This day was supposed to be about fun and I didn't want Gia feeling upset like that. I went in after her to get her to snap out of it and come back outside to join everyone. I was trying to be funny at first and tried to make her laugh to change her mood, but she told me to go away. I tried to explain that everybody was just being silly and having fun, but she continued to say rude things to me, Caroline, and my friend’s son. I kept calm and I told her that if she wanted her mom, she was outside and she should get up to go get her. I really didn't want her sitting alone in the basement pouting all day with the cameras on her. I didn't want to bother Teresa at first, because she was outside having fun, or so it seemed, filming with her family. I eventually did tell my friend’s son to go out and get Teresa, which is why she eventually came in, at her own leisure, to see what was wrong. In the meantime, I decided to read her the book, Being a Bad Sport by Joy Berry, a Help Me Be Good book series. YES, FOR GODSAKES, ANOTHER BOOK DRAMA! I thought the book might make sense to her, and that it would get her to understand the emotions she was feeling. I thought it might also give her a different way to handle the situation and the feelings she was having. It's good to be competitive, but it's also important to be a good sport.