Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her frustration and disappointment with Teresa.

on Jun 27, 2012

Am I proud for the angry Jacqueline that came out during my Teresa confrontation at Melissa's launch party? Of course not, but people do say things and act out when they are hurt and upset and that is exactly how I felt. Why did I feel the need to approach her then and there? As upset as I was, I didn't really want to end our friendship. I just wanted her to take some accountability for her part of the mess. I wanted to see where our friendship stood and I wanted to know if we could ever move past this. It was weighing heavily on my mind. I really didn't want her to fight with her family either. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I wanted to try to resolve this. I'm also impulsive, I couldn't help myself. I walked right up to her and thought, “F--- it!” Unfortunately, I left saying, "F--- you!”

I wasn't trying to be in Teresa's business in a negative, intrusive way. I needed to know once and for all, face to face, from my friend's mouth (not from her attorney), the truth about all of these rumors that were circulating out there about her. I knew she put some of these stories out there, because she told me she did (as you saw on the show). I was confused as to what was real or what was really fake in her life, and I was actually worried sick about her. I was NOT asking about her "personal finances!" NEVER ONCE DID I ASK TO SEE HER BANK STATEMENT SO "DON'T GET IT TWISTED!" I simply wanted for her to clear up the rumors and make sure that my friend was OK. She can't possibly expect to put things out there in the press, not say a word to anyone, and expect people that care about her not worry or ask her if she's OK. It's WEIRD! It's bizarre to me that Teresa would even be offended by that. I would personally be offended if my friends DIDN'T ask me if I was OK. It would show me they care.