Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her frustration and disappointment with Teresa.

on Jun 27, 2012

I didn't "out her" for adding onto her house either. Teresa had already been filming that all on her own. In the press, she was claiming that she was afraid to be poor. I was afraid that people would see the arrogance and get offended by seeing her with all of her new furniture, new car, new clothes, and expensive bags while creditors were eager to get paid. She flashed them around with pride and without shame. I couldn't figure out why she would do all of this when she had made it known to the public that she was going through a bankruptcy. Again, it just didn't make sense. It was insane behavior to me. I was worried that she was only digging herself deeper into a hole. (Kind of like when she had flashed all of that cash while buying furniture on Season 1 that started all this mess.) I worried about what that would mean for her family.

Why didn't she just explain herself and move on? Why did she get so defensive? Maybe because she WANTED the public to believe all of that BS she was putting out there. It was starting to feel like Teresa was in the business of selling stories regardless of who they were about or who she was hurting for her own financial gain. Coincidently, the articles contained all the same grievances that she had constantly complained about her family to everyone. It was hard to respect.

This is why I avoided the tabloids like the plague. I know what they are about. Negativity and scandals are what sell. Why was Teresa continuing to do these covers, knowing what they were about? Better yet, WHY did she decide to use one cover to clear up the rumors about her and Joe but didn't even think of, or consider, clearing up the rumors about her friends and family that she adamantly denies saying or putting out there, especially if she knew they were not true? Interesting point, isn't it? She wanted people to think those things about her family and friends. She never tried to clear up the bad rumors on her Twitter, her blogs, or anywhere. She would actually tweet proudly for people to go buy the magazines that were bashing her family. She would prefer that nobody even mention the articles to her or she would turn it around and get upset with them. Sly like a fox.