Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her frustration and disappointment with Teresa.

on Jun 27, 2012

I felt that if Teresa wanted to move forward with her family, she needed to give it a sincere effort and I knew that she wasn't. She was SO afraid of her family looking better than her that she would do or say anything to take them down and step on anybody's head to be the one on top at all times. She continued to try to make them look bad, and I think that although they were well aware of her insincerity, they also wanted to give her the benefit of doubt with hopes of being a closer family again. They have been down this road with her before. Teresa holds on to grudges FOR LIFE! I feel like she is incapable of true forgiveness. She never sees the faults in herself or takes any blame for anything. She may have fooled some of you into thinking she is sincere about this overnight change in attitude toward her family, but she wasn't fooling me. It became very clear to me after watching her in action that as fake as she was being to her family, pretending that she loved them and wanted peace, that she had also been the same kind of fake to me, and had been faking our friendship for a while now. It was a hurtful realization.

I felt betrayed because I always supported her in everything she did. I was just trying my best to give her good advice. She was spiraling. Instead of appreciating my advice, she resented me for it because my views and opinions weren't agreeing with hers. I understood that Teresa was still upset about her family coming on "HER" show (as she would put it) but at some point, she needed to accept the fact that they were on and not going anywhere and realize that they were actually trying to make things better. She should have embraced that. It seemed suspicious to me that two days prior to Melissa's launch party, Teresa was on my deck saying that Kathy was full of it and asked us why we didn't see it, and also irate with Melissa for talking to Danielle, then all of a sudden, Teresa decided that she loved her family, wants therapy, and desired to be like sisters with Kathy and Melissa.

Teresa tells her brother to his face that maybe she is doing something wrong too, but then in her interview she admits that she really feels that HE is the one in the wrong and SHE is the one who is doing everything trying to fix this. She thinks that the therapist should only help him. She's all good.