Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her frustration and disappointment with Teresa.

on Jun 27, 2012

I also noticed how she said that she was "a big part of Kathy's life for a long time" instead of that Kathy was a big part of hers. Poor Kathy.

Oh and before I forget -- Congratulations to Melissa for the remix of On Display, for getting it on Ryan Seacrest, and for making it to the top 10 songs on iTunes! That is terrific! I noticed Teresa felt the need to read the worst comment someone made about her song out loud in the car on the way to her launch party. Figures. Kudos to Melissa for admitting Danielle contacted her on Facebook and that she responded. As tempting as it may have been to her at the time, I'm glad that Melissa decided in the end not to film with Danielle after she had asked her to. I respect Melissa for having the courage and honesty to own up to and apologize for her wrong doings. If only everyone would do that.

I found it interesting and must point out where everyone ran to for release after our discussion on my deck. I ran to my husband, Caroline ran to her home, and Teresa ran right to my sister-in-law (Dina's house) to vent about how we "attacked her". Why did she feel it was safe to run to our family to vent about us? How could Teresa ever deny again that she talked about us to my sister-in-law after she just admitted that she did? I guess that proved what Caroline has been saying all along. The truth always comes out!

Once our friendship ended, Teresa immediately fled to her family with a different tune because, as she said herself, she didn't have anybody else. My guess was that she needed allies on the show (looking to recruit soldiers for her army) and maybe she had a little fear that we would befriend her family, which would make her on the outs with everybody, and we would learn a lot more about her that she was trying to hide. Crazy thing was, her family never bashed her to me. It was always the other way around.