Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Lindsey handled meeting the family well.

on Jul 11, 2012

I'm proud of Lauren for fulfilling her dreams. Cafface has arrived, and it is a beautiful and successful store! Come to Franklin Lakes to check it out! Besides selling great beauty products, cute clothes, and accessories, she also gives one heck of a spray tan.

I think it's healthy competition for Lauren to strive to do better and be more successful than her siblings. It becomes unhealthy competition when you step on your siblings head and try to sabotage them to get to the top. I know that Lauren would NEVER do that. They do a good job of supporting each other, even though once in a while they just like to bust each other’s chops.

Now for the more serious stuff. Nothing like running into that person you are having a conflict with for the first time after a fight. AWKWARD! I think it went pretty smoothly despite our last meeting. Thanks to Teresa our families spent so much time together now that we were all starting to become one big family, and our kids became friendly too. We started to all become intertwined. I guess it's the same thing as Dina and Teresa remaining friends throughout OUR family drama and our fights with Teresa. Relationships form and you want to continue to allow that friendship to grow while still showing support for each other. I know that the Manzos and Lauritas ALWAYS encouraged unity between the Giudices, Gorgas, and the Wakiles. We always wanted the best for all of them.

It became apparent that we were all still going on this trip to Napa together. There was no point in fighting with each other at this point, because it wouldn't do any of us any good and would just make things more awkward than they already were between us. This trip was not only a great opportunity for business, but also a chance for bringing a broken family back together by creating new, fun experiences together. Who knows, maybe broken friendships can heal as well.