Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Teresa just needs to respect Melissa and Joe's marriage so they can all move forward.

on May 15, 2012

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I told you all that during this season, I would keep my blogs honest and let you know what was going on in my head during each episode, and that is exactly what I am doing. Do I think about this stuff every day? HELL NO! I am WAY too busy for that, and I am working on WAY more important things than this petty drama. HOWEVER, we are airing right now, and I know our fans deserve a clear picture, so I'm trying not to sugar coat anything. For those of you that actually believe Teresa has moved on and isn't still spewing venom to all of our mutual friends and family about all of us to this very day, I have some ocean-front property in Arizona to sell to you. It hasn't ended, although I wish it would. I know, I know...The show airing and these blogs do not help. So be it. The story will still be told.

I have to begin this blog by addressing some of the comments in Teresa's last blog. First of all, Teresa claims that the conversation she had with her brother was only meant for the two of them, yet she felt it was OK to tell me, Kim D. and others. Why does Teresa feel like she can tell anyone she wants about her fears regarding Melissa, but her brother can't discuss them with anybody? People discuss things with others when they are hurt. Especially with their spouse. It isn't like Teresa didn't hint at that "gold digger" topic before on the show LAST season. I think Melissa's problem with it was that this came out of Teresa’s mouth AFTER she told Melissa she loved her and wanted to be a family again. Melissa thought they were to a better place now, so when that message was delivered it was a little shocking. GET IT? Is she trying to say that she still doesn't feel the same way now? Clearly she does.

My other BIG issue with her spinster blog was that Teresa said that she wished that we wouldn't bring up her legal issues on camera. IS SHE SERIOUS? WE DIDN'T! SHE DID! Go back and watch all the past episodes. Teresa and Joe are the ones bringing up all of their issues on camera FIRST. We are just responding to them. Wasn't it Joe and Teresa that told Chris and I, ON CAMERA , last season about Joe's DUI? Wasn't it Teresa filming at her attorney's office talking about her bankruptcy and auction, ON CAMERA? Or Teresa with me in the park, ON CAMERA? Wasn't it Teresa and Joe this season, ON CAMERA, at their shore house bringing up an article that SHE put out there about Joe cheating, "going away," and her brother not being there for her. (That Teresa exposed of her brother, ON CAMERA?)  Wasn't it Teresa that exposed the cheating texts she saw from her brother to her husband, ON CAMERA? She exposes herself! She actually tried to expose her brother for something he never meant for her to see.