Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Teresa just needs to respect Melissa and Joe's marriage so they can all move forward.

on May 15, 2012

Your brother has other obligations now besides his sister. He goes to bed with his wife every night. He made a commitment to God to be with her. I think you resent Melissa because you feel like she took your brother away from you. You don't have the same relationship with your husband, so it is hard for you to understand. You said it yourself, you always put your brother first before your husband, but when you marry, and your spouse should come first. Neither one of them should ever put you in between their battles. But it does happen. I can relate to you and Melissa, because I feel like Dina felt the same way about me once I came into the picture. She was hanging out with Chris all the time until I came around. He was always there for her in many ways. They were very close. When I came around, he dedicated a lot of his time to me and my daughter trying to get us to feel comfortable in our new environment. I think she secretly resented me because of that. I just wanted us all to be close, but I felt like she needed to respect me as his wife. You know of all people that I tried real hard with her, but I always felt like she was giving me little digs and I just couldn't put my finger on it to understand why until I really saw her angle from your perspective.

You're angry because you miss him and love him. You only have him as a brother while he has Melissa and her sisters. He now is obligated to divide his time. You need to understand that he really loves you and wants you in his life. What makes it more difficult is that your spouse has animosity toward your brother and you have animosity toward his wife, which in turn makes everyone have a problem with each other and then the vicious cycle continues. If you could just once understand where another person is coming from and open up your heart instead of trying to take each other down, you just might find the peace in your life that I know you crave. I hope you find peace one day. God knows, we are still seeking the same thing over here.

Jolene, First of all, I love you and I am proud to call you my friend and trainer because you are good at what you do! You are a good person and you have helped me feel better about myself in many ways. I think it took a lot of courage to put your struggles out there for everyone to see. I know it must be hard for you to watch the episode and then get all of the feedback from our fans. You were in a different place back then, and I'm proud to see how far you have come. Stay strong and true to yourself and your body. I pray for you that by putting your struggle out there that it holds you accountable for your words and your actions. I pray that people will be understanding and reach out to help give you the strength and encouragement you need to follow through with your recovery and in turn, you can help many others. Thank you for adding to my blog this week because although the workout scene was light hearted and comical, I do think this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.  I love you and I believe in you. XOXO!