Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline admires Rosie and Jaime's courage to be out and proud on national TV.

on Jun 3, 2012

To my supporters who are intelligent, neutral people that keep an open mind watching us trying to see both sides and enjoy the entertainment of the show, I thank you and I appreciate you. For my cyber bullies who cowardly hide behind their computers with their fake identities yet knowing exactly who I am... I think it's idiotic for you to say that I was "attacking" a 10-year-old. It is very clear to me who this small group of people are that are saying that. People that create fake new Twitter accounts with very little followers just to insult me, instead of giving me their constructive criticism, as much as that amuses me, I WILL block you. Ironically, it's the same group of people who write blogs to Bravo to post over and over saying the same thing with the same IPL addresses. Who are the obsessed ones here? You clearly have a lot of extra time on your hands. It's actually kind of sad. Just know, in this case, you will NEVER convince me that I attacked a child. I know what I know and I know who I am. I am literally an insider to what is really going on. Also, for those of you wanting me to reprimand my daughter for certain things she says on the internet, please take note that my daughter is now an adult. She's 21 and no longer living at home. Tweet to her yourself if you are that concerned.

Watching the last episode, you see me hug Gia trying to console her outside. I tried to help her inside. I apologized to both her and Teresa numerous times for overstepping my boundaries with the book, and I even awarded Gia, unwarranted, with provolone cheese. In my blog, I don't attack Gia. Leave it to Teresa to try to put a different spin on things instead of admitting her own faults. It's called blame shifting, and she is a pro. I said what I did to make a strong point, because I was responding and reacting to what Teresa was trying to insinuate about MY parenting style in the episode and what kind of a kid MY child is. Just because I don't agree with a child's behavior on a particular day, DOES NOT mean that I don't like the child. Is anyone sincerely that idiotic to think that? I will always love Teresa's kids. I may not always agree with her parenting, and she may not always agree with mine. One thing I learned was that it is not fair to judge someone's parenting because EVERY child is different and will react differently to different parenting techniques. Ironically, those without children are the first ones to judge.

The fact that you see Teresa forgive me on camera about what happened on field day while we were in her closet before our trip to Chicago (“Water under the bridge” she says) is evidence of how phony she is. She's obviously still holding a grudge. Just like she OBVIOUSLY is still holding a grudge against her brother while swearing on her children that she isn't. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. I just wanted her to be real with herself and want to sincerely heal the relationship with her brother so that she could be happy and at peace. Teresa takes no accountability for the strain in their relationship and blame shifts it all onto her brother and Melissa. It sickens me to see that.