Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline admires Rosie and Jaime's courage to be out and proud on national TV.

on Jun 3, 2012

I was enjoying that fact that Ashlee and I were getting along GREAT! I was enjoying our phone conversations and I was missing her a lot and she was missing me. We were starting to appreciate each other more. I was also enjoying the fact that instead of her calling her dad to bitch about me, she was now calling me to bitch about him. Of course I always want her to respect her father. I was just trying to say that I always felt like she looked up to him and respected him so much more than me, even though I was the one who was always there for her, busting my ass to make sure she was taken care of and had a good life. Now I realize that she really loves me but just didn't like to follow my rules. Apparently she doesn't like to follow her father's rules either. What happens next? You will have to wait and see.

SEE! Some of you thought at the end of Season 3 airing (which is also when we just finished filming Season 4) that we were trying to hide our own family issues and called us hypocrites. I hope that this proves to you that we never tried to hide it. We have always been open about it, never denied it, and have even tried to relate to Teresa with it. It just never aired before because it wasn't part of our story they were following. It wasn't relevant at the time. Now it makes sense to show it because Teresa filmed with Dina this season. That is why it is relevant now.

What happened between me and Dina? From my point of view, I was hearing from Teresa that Dina was still holding a grudge with me after I called her out at the Season 1 finale dinner. Dina and I had talked and I thought we had resolved our differences, admitted to our own wrong doings, and we both agreed to forgive each other for various things and move forward. I was confused, because I thought we were OK. I did notice some distance between us, but I thought it was just because she was busy. Teresa told me some things Dina said about me that I was unhappy about, and I did reach out to Dina to try to talk to her about it. Each time Dina denied saying anything and assured me that she didn't have an issue with me and that it just "worked for her" to stay away. Dina had a few issues with Caroline that I feel were mostly misunderstandings, from what Dina had told me. I do know that Caroline never tried to sabotage Dina in ANY business doings that I knew of and that she feels very hurt by Dina. I know that Caroline has tried to reach out to Dina to try to make things better with no reciprocation. What else can she do? You can't control someone else's actions, only your own. All Caroline can do is accept the situation for what it is and move on and hope someday her sister will come around. We have to respect Dina's choice and give her the space she wants. I've accepted that sometimes it's better to just let things go and move on.