Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita offers her take on the vineyard hookup.

on Aug 21, 2012

I felt bad for Kathy on this trip, because I could tell that she must have been feeling a little left out of the family bonding that was going on between the Giudices and the Gorgas, although she was happy for them. After Teresa and Kathy talked, Kathy had thought that they had resolved their differences and were moving forward, but she still felt the tension and distance between them. I felt bad that Kathy was left out of Teresa's toast, because I could see the hurt in her face. Rich was using his normal sarcastic, witty sense of humor, but I think he felt bad for his wife, so he was lashing out on Teresa a little more than usual. This only starts the vicious cycle all over again. I think Kathy was just getting frustrated with making an effort and not feeling like it was sincerely being reciprocated or appreciated. I understand why she was feeling that way.

Why can't everyone just learn to communicate properly, forgive, and move on? It takes two to resolve a conflict. Sometimes you'll find that when you talk to the person you are having conflict with, you will realize that your perception of what happened was not intended to hurt you in the way you originally thought. Sometimes, if you can admit your own wrong doings, explain your actions, and apologize for them, it makes it easier for others to understand why you did what you did and helps them to forgive and move forward. Sometimes people are just too stubborn to see another person's view point, so they can't forgive or move forward. Sometimes you can forgive someone so many times that you are so fed up that you don't want to move forward. I think all of the above could be going on here in our group.