Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita offers her take on the vineyard hookup.

on Aug 21, 2012

I was glad that Teresa finally somewhat admitted in the RV to Melissa that she did in fact do more than just pose for pictures in those articles in the tabloids and that she did say things about her family and friends after she had been denying it for so long. Teresa finally admitted that she said what she said in the articles, because it was how she felt at the time. I can respect that, but I just wish she would have been this honest and upfront to everyone (including Caroline) and just admitted this in the first place instead of denying it the way she did originally. Caroline may have been more forgiving at that point. It was Teresa's denying and not taking responsibility by owning up to what she said and how she really felt at the time that was partially the reason she was upsetting everyone. Nobody thought she was being sincere. Melissa told Teresa not to trash talk her family and friends again in the tabloids and then gave her a pass for it. Melissa just wanted to move forward. Like Teresa said, "Once the article is out there, you can't take it back! There's no use crying over spilt milk." Once in a while though, people like to hear you admit to doing what you did and give an apology for it. That was my point anyway. I thought Teresa just should have come out with it and said, "Yes, Caroline, Kathy, and Melissa, I did write that stuff that was not nice about you in the book and in the tabloids because I was upset with you all at the time for X,Y and Z. I am really sorry for doing it and offending you, but I would love to move forward now, and I won't be doing that again." I think most would have respected that answer or would have thought she was being more sincere with wanting to move forward. Instead, everybody was watching their back waiting for the next hit.

Melissa made a good point that I kept trying to make myself. Once Teresa decided to put her business on the cover of a magazine and answer all of their questions, it no longer made it just her and her husband’s business. She opened it up to the world. If I decide to do a cover for a magazine, the same rules would apply to me, and I know that. If I put it out there, you can bet I've discussed it with my family and friends. What hurt me was that Teresa opened up to a tabloid but never opened up to me, one of her best friends. It hurt a little. That's all.