Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains why she thought Teresa and Melissa's fight was ridiculous.

on May 7, 2012

4. Melissa was clearly upset that Teresa said what she said to her husband, but was trying her best to let it go to keep the peace, even though the thought of it was beginning to boil inside of her. It was hard for Melissa to understand why Teresa would say something like that to her husband and then would act friendly like she was trying to make things better between them to her face. I think it hurt her feelings that Teresa thought of her in this way and that after seven years and three kids together she should still have to prove that she was truly in love with her husband to her sister-in-law. I think Melissa also felt like Teresa was trying to put a wedge between her and her husband. I saw it as putting a bigger wedge between all of them.

5. Melissa briefly touched on what Teresa said to her husband to us. She assumed Teresa had mentioned it already to me, which she had. Melissa was trying her best to let it go, but you could tell it upset her. I tried my best not to say a thing or get involved. I tried my best to just listen. She wasn't talking badly about Teresa, she was just trying to deal with what was said about her. I think she was also trying to feel out if we felt the same way about her as Teresa clearly did. I did not. From my viewpoint, Melissa's relationship with her husband seemed real and loving and sincere to me.

6. Although I felt bad that Melissa was hurting, I knew that if I were to give Melissa advice, Teresa would get upset with me, so I held back. If Teresa asked me what I thought about a situation and if I told her that I felt she handled herself wrong or suggested that she try to see things from a different perspective, she would get upset with me and accuse me of jumping ship. Teresa wanted me to pick a side and commit! I was expected to only see her side and agree with her or I was considered to be a bad friend. I felt like I needed to be honest with my friend. It didn't mean I was jumping ship or that I wasn't her friend. I loved her and I just wanted her and her family to stop hurting and worrying about petty things. I wanted us all to get along.