Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains why she thought Teresa and Melissa's fight was ridiculous.

on May 6, 2012

10. In my opinion, I feel like Teresa wanted her brother to hurt in his marriage the same way that Teresa was hurting in hers. I think Teresa envied the relationship Joey and Melissa have. I can only say that from what I have seen, their relationship is very real and loving. It makes me sad, because I believe that everyone has ups and downs in their relationships, but that doesn't mean that you should feel the need to take others down with you just because you are hurting. If you hold on long enough and work through your issues while staying positive, things will eventually get better. Everyone deserves to be happy.

11. Teresa didn't want anyone to use the word "jail". She would rather us say "going away" even though she's OK getting paid to say it in the tabloids. That was the word we kept reading. I guess I didn't really understand the difference between saying "jail" or "going away" because to me it meant the same thing. I understand it better now after hearing Kathy with her explanation on pride. I'm still not convinced it's a Jersey thing though.

12.Teresa always told me that people won't always believe what they read, so it's OK for her to say it in a tabloid. But if we talk about it on the show, then that makes it real to the viewers. She just wanted it to stay in the tabloids where she could profit from it without having to explain it.

13. Melissa wasn't sure where to go for Tia's solstice party, so I told her to meet us at Caroline's and we could all go together. Teresa knew Melissa was coming with us, because I told her beforehand out of respect. Teresa said that was fine, but I was given specific instructions on what I could say or not say. I liked Melissa and she had never done anything to me personally to make me feel otherwise, but I had no desire to hang out with her without Teresa, because I knew how Teresa felt about her. I kept her at an arm's length just as she kept me. Melissa respected me as Teresa's friend, and I respected her as Teresa's family.