Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

We're baaack! My first blog of the season is usually a long one, so get ready. I also want to try to take myself back in time and explain to you, being completely open and honest, my thought process during each episode that led to the painful end of my friendship with Teresa. I want you to understand where I think it took a turn for the worst. I realize that if I talk about this that there will be some of you that say, "Get over it already!" But if I don't talk about it, a lot of you will be left wondering what happened. I like to vent anyway, it's healthy for me, and so I'm going to talk about it to share my thoughts with you. After all, you are a fan of the show if you are taking the time to read and comment on these blogs, so I feel like you deserve an explanation. Just know that I am in a much better place now.

I know a lot of you want answers as to why I didn't attend the Season 3 reunion, which aired a little over two weeks after it was filmed. Some of you know that I was tweeting while it was airing, and I honestly couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. Once again, keep in mind it aired over two weeks after it was filmed. I don't regret at all not being there. I do regret for disappointing our fans and the stress I put on Bravo by not attending. For that, I am sorry. I appreciate how most of you respected my choice not to go, however there are still some of you that were left very confused and disappointed. I wish I could tell you all of the reasons right here and now, but I need for some of it to play out on this season. The rest will be explained during the Season 4 reunion. Yes, I WILL attend the Season 4 reunion!

It was too difficult for me to go to the Season 3 reunion, because I was very drained emotionally and overtired from crying all night out of frustration and sadness. It would have been very difficult to look at Teresa and not be able to express what I was actually feeling. Even if I had attended, none of your questions would have been answered. As you should know, we were filming Season 4 as Season 3 was airing, and I could not have discussed anything that was going on in my head or anything that we had been filming. My animosity would have been unexplainable. As you remember, Teresa and I were fine in Season 3. I can't even say that the entire reason I didn't attend was because of Teresa. There were other factors involved in my decision, but my disappointment with her was a big one. I was just tired, fed up, angry, stressed out, depressed, and as it turned out extremely low on testosterone to top it off. LOL!