Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

So now you have met my life coach and friend, Jack. He's great! I started seeing him with Ashlee when she was in high school to help us both get through those difficult years. I stayed with him long after Ashlee did. He is my venting board. He often gives me advice. He also sells me all natural, holistic dog food and treats that he delivers right to my door. My dog, Santino, loves it! (Shameless plug www.sierrajack.com) Check it out!

I have to say that I was very proud Ashlee knew enough to call me when she was in a bad situation, like being stuck in the city because she wouldn't get into the car with others who were drinking and that she was honest enough to tell me and reach out for help if she had been drinking herself. I just didn't like that she was being put in that position, therefore putting us in the position to pick her up or pay for a car service more often than necessary. I felt like she needed to re-evaluate her lifestyle choices.

What you are seeing in this first episode is my breaking point as well as a turning point with Ashlee. Asking her to leave didn't mean we didn't love her. Chris and I love her very much. At that point in time, although we weren't fighting as much, we didn't see her making much of an effort to jump-start her life. We needed her to spring into action and take charge of her life. We felt like we needed to take drastic measures to get her to wake up and go after her dreams. We know that Ashlee is beautiful, intelligent, and talented and had so much more to offer in life than she was giving. It was time to cut the bungee cord from my baby bird that was attached to my nest. I needed her to want to fly. It was time. I was pushing her out of the nest with faith that she would fly.