Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

The plan we had for Ashlee wasn't as non-directional as it played out on this episode. We had a more structured plan for her. Part one of the plan was to give her an ultimatum to either move out immediately or go stay with my brother, Tommy, and his wife, Mary, where they would put her on lock down without a car. She would stay in Las Vegas for a couple of weeks.

If she decided to go to Las Vegas, part two of the plan was for Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary to teach her a few working and life skills as well as computer graphic design skills that could help start her on the right track and get her to want to learn even more. It would motivate her to work. I was hoping she would make some short and long term goals for herself. I needed to get her away from the distractions she had while living in New Jersey. Besides all of that, I figured she would listen to them more willingly than to us, and quite frankly, we all needed a break from each other.

Part three of the plan was for her dad, Matt, to surprise her in Las Vegas, pick her up, and bring her to “Daddy Boot Camp” in Texas. He would get her to work for the summer and pay for her to go to school. He would be strict with her and try to break her down to rebuild her and get her to change some of her ways. We all just wanted to get her self-motivated to want more out of life and to take some initiative to make things happen for herself. She would not be able to come back home to New Jersey without either getting a full time job or enrolling in school full time or doing both part time. Watch what happens...