Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

I understood why Caroline chose not to confront Teresa about her cookbook. She understands how Teresa operates. Teresa hardly ever admits she's wrong, and if she can't convince you to feel the same way she does about something, she will start blame shifting to try to put YOU in the wrong instead of her. I tend to overlook behavior like that just to be able to keep the peace and move forward. By confronting the person, I feel content just knowing that the person is aware their actions weren't left unnoticed by me. I let it slide. I give people a pass. I understand that we all make mistakes sometimes. Caroline, however, was seeing a pattern of Teresa's and wasn't as tolerant and forgiving this time around, but she still felt that there was no need to fight with her about it. Caroline had Teresa's number. Note to herself...DONE!

I had advised Teresa to at least acknowledge how the words in her book may have affected the others. I suggested that maybe she should apologize for making them feel the way they did. I did find it was odd that the book was proofread and printed at a time when their family had supposedly mended their relationships and agreed to be sincerely trying to move forward with a fresh start.

We saw Teresa lying to Caroline's face when the book was highlighted to show what she really said in her book. Then she tried to turn it around, blame shifting, as if she was insulted that Caroline would even think that she would write anything on purpose to insult her. Typical behavior pattern of hers. I also thought it was strange that she made Caroline feel how fast her heart was racing as proof that she cares. It's common sense that when someone is nervous about something, their heart beats faster. That proved nothing. Perhaps her heart was beating faster from guilt.