Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

Again, I have to agree with Melissa on this one when she said, "Whatever is going on in Teresa's home, she wants to project that into your home." I have seen her do that before. She has even done it to me. Think of the conversation Teresa had with her husband about the “cheating” rumors earlier in this episode. Can you see the deflection? Teresa knew she was wrong about saying that to him, I think that's why she told him in Italian not to bring it up. She didn't want anyone to know what she had said.

Even if she felt that way about Melissa, she was wrong for saying that. I think unless she had some details that she was willing to share with him about his wife, it was better not to say anything at all. She had hoped her brother would just have kept it between them. Maybe he should have, but that was his choice. I would have chosen to do the same thing with my spouse. It's better to talk about it and clear it up than to hold on to negative thoughts. I know Teresa felt like her brother shouldn't have told Melissa what she said, but if he hadn't, what did she expect him to do with that information? Sleep with one eye open? She should have thought it through more and only come to him if she had some facts. That's a tough one. What would you have done?

Teresa tried to make it look like her brother wasn't there for her while her husband went to jail for a week. However with Teresa if you ask how she is out of sincere concern, she considers it “prying into her business,” but if you don't ask, she thinks you’re “not being there for her.” There is no way to win. We ALL were genuinely concerned for Teresa, Joe, and their children. We just wanted to be there for them and help any way we could.