Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains why she thinks Teresa was behind the set-up.

on Sep 23, 2012

Why I believe this was a set-up and will stick to that:

1. I knew Kim D. didn't like Melissa and neither did Teresa. Teresa talked obsessively about Melissa for the past two seasons, and it was NEVER good. Teresa would fake nice only for the viewers, to make them think she was trying to get along with her family. She wasn't. I was a witness to that on several occasions.

2.Teresa is very close to Kim D. To this day, there are recent pictures of them together hanging out. I am also friendly with Kim. We talk. She knows how I feel about all of this. Why isn't Teresa angry at Kim D. for setting up and destroying her family if she knew Kim was in on it? I thought she loved her family and was loyal to them? (Cough, cough...NOT!) How DARE Teresa try to publicly blame the set-up on me as if I would ever do that to Melissa. I like Melissa, unlike Teresa and Kim. Kim made it VERY clear that she didn't like Melissa, was involved in the set up, and was enjoying it, yet Teresa wasn't upset with her at all. God forbid Melissa chat with Danielle four times when she and Teresa hated each other. Melissa never even met Danielle in person and she never acted out on what Danielle wanted her to do. Nothing ever transpired out of that brief interaction, not even a friendship between them. Teresa was buddies with Kim while she was pretending to be so happy and close with Melissa. Teresa even joined Kim inside the restaurant AFTER the fashion show, after all the drama happened and even after Kim fought intensely with her brother, and they are STILL friends. Interesting isn't it?