Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains why she thinks Teresa was behind the set-up.

on Sep 23, 2012

3. Why didn't Teresa try to calm her brother down or sympathize with Melissa or even seem to feel horrible that had been done to them? Why didn't Teresa try to leave with them after the fight like the Gorgas left with Teresa after the fight in Napa? There was no remorse, just smile after smile inside the restaurant after the drama without a care in the world. I think she was pleased with what came out. Although, I think she was mad at me for calling her out. At that point, I didn't give a rat's a-- anymore! To me, she was scum. She was faking with me just like she was faking with her own family. It was all a charade... just like her marriage, her phony magazine covers with her fake dog, her hair extensions, and her fake boobies. FAKE! I just wanted to get through the season with no more drama. 

4. Kim D. will protect her friends publicly, but will usually own up to her own mischievous ways and take accountability for her actions, right or wrong. I respect her for that. Even though she doesn't always play nice when angered.

5. Teresa doesn't own up to anything EVER and will try to get others to speak up on her behalf and let them take the downfall alone while she plays innocent. Teresa loves to blame shift! She's a pro! This is why I did not choose to get involved in her schemes against her family. Why should I look like the bad guy and start fighting with her family while she pretended to like them and wanted peace? I had my own hardships that I was dealing with, but Teresa didn't care about that. She only put MORE pressure on me to do her dirty work, then she would talk badly about me and I'd have to hear about what kind of a friend I was for not doing it. She just didn't get it when I would try to explain to her my reasons why I didn't want to get involved. I honestly just wanted her to fake it until she made it with her family. I thought the more good times she had with them, she would forget about the grudges she had against them, but she could NEVER let them go.