Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains why she thinks Teresa was behind the set-up.

on Sep 23, 2012

6. Teresa was doing things all season to sabotage her family in many ways, including business opportunities. She was never happy with anything they said or did or how they looked or dressed. Teresa had something nasty to say about everything. The atmosphere around her became so dark and negative to be around. Her phone calls to me were all about her feelings toward her family. She was irrational and immature at times. My head was spinning. I had my own issues I was dealing with that she never gave a sh-- about.

7. Why would Teresa suddenly go to new salon to get her make-up and hair done when she has someone who came to her house to do it on a regular basis? Why didn't Kim just go to Teresa's house to get ready? Teresa would have NEVER agreed to go to someone else for make-up and hair like that unless she had an ulterior motive. (Which she did.) TERESA KNEW KIM D. WAS MAKING MELISSA THE TARGET THAT DAY! Even if she never knew all of the details of how it would go down, Teresa knew Melissa was the target and she was going to allow Kim to do whatever she wanted to hurt Melissa, while Teresa played innocent and clueless (which isn't hard for her). I know she knew. I was told the truth by someone involved, who shall remain nameless, that won't publicly "out" her friend. I'm not friends with Teresa anymore, so I don't care. I'll say it.

8. Conveniently, the bald guy worked at that salon for one day only. Really? He just happened to be there? What gentleman randomly goes up to women while filming, to try to "out" someone on being a stripper? That's normal? This is someone who is supposed to be a professional? Yeah...OK. Why did he do it? He did it because he was carrying out his orders and was happy and very comfortable doing so, in front of BOTH Kim AND Teresa. Think about it!

9. Teresa knew Melissa wasn't a stripper, because Melissa already told her it wasn't true. Why didn't Teresa try to squash those rumors on camera, even if she believed them, and get pissed at the guy for doing that to the sister-in-law that she claims to love so much? Why did Teresa even bring it up to Melissa ON camera in the bathroom with her audience? It seemed as though she tried to argue Melissa's point about the rumors while seemingly trying to put it out there even more by keeping the conversation going. She kept trying to discredit Melissa instead of trying to help her. If her heart was truly even beating, it was out of GUILT and THAT'S IT! Teresa wanted the bald guy to put that out there about Melissa. She was ENJOYING that the bald guy put it out there. It is what she wanted out about Melissa all season! She finally got someone besides ME to do it. There is no love there and no loyalty to her family, like Teresa claims in public.