Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains why she thinks Teresa was behind the set-up.

on Sep 23, 2012

10. Why did Teresa cowardly leave the room when Kim D. and the bald guy were talking about Melissa? Could it possibly be to give them enough time to talk even more about Melissa? She wanted to make sure they got everything out. Teresa knew it started to look too obvious in scene so she ran away from it so she wouldn't look bad joining them in the conversation. Why didn't she shut them down immediately and get pissed off at Kim who was trying to humiliate her sister-in-law? She says the right words for them to stop talking about her family, but then her actions don't match up AT ALL, as she allows them to continue talking. Instead, after playing shocked and appalled, she comes back in, drinks with Kim, jokes, then continues on with her day, smiling, as if it never even happened. WOW!

11. Why didn't Teresa call Melissa up right then and there to warn her about what that man said about her on camera? She had ALL day before the fashion show to contact Melissa. There was NO call, NO message, NO text, NO attempt of anything!!! Not even a warning the second she saw her at the fashion show. Wouldn't you warn someone you love of that? Wouldn't you tell them what this scumbag tried to do to her on camera? Just isn't adding up, is it? No, not really. Not if you're smart.

12. Why, the second she saw the bald guy at the fashion show, didn't she chase him out of there? Why? Because she wanted that interaction between him and Melissa to take place! She was waiting for it while relishing in her secret of what had already been filmed with him earlier. What would you have done if you knew some guy was on TV with the sole purpose of trying to humiliate someone you love? Would you wait for their interaction to take place or would you shut it down before it began and ask him to leave? This was not someone she was even friendly with. He was a stranger, right? The guy didn't seem to respect Teresa earlier in the day, while lying trying to out her sister-in-law, did he? Actually, he seemed all too familiar and comfortable around Teresa for him to be talking the way he was about her family, especially after Teresa kindly asked him to not talk about them. (After he already did, OF COURSE). He wasn't a Housewife, he wasn't her friend, he had no business being at the Posche Fashion show. Didn't he apologize once for offending Teresa for saying things in the first place? Why would he do it again? He did it because he was asked to do it. The bald guy said, (and I quote) "TERESA KNEW ABOUT THIS TOO." And, "KIM AND TERESA WANT ME TO BLOW THE COVER ON MELISSA, because she plays the ‘holier than thou.’ THEY HAD ME DO THIS THING.” You know what "thing" he was talking about. GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! DON'T try to put that on me, Teresa, because you look like a FOOL!