Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline doesn't think Teresa follows her own definition of loyalty.

on Jun 18, 2012

It was OK for Teresa to invite Danielle to our dinner on the Season 1 finale knowing her other friends hated her. It was also OK for Teresa to choose to say hello to Danielle at the Posche fashion a couple of years ago when she knew she was doing horrible things to me and my daughter. (I never got upset with her over that.) Teresa also considers it OK for her to publicly thank Danielle on Twitter for coming forward to expose Melissa for talking to her two years ago back when they were fighting. Teresa considered me "disloyal" in her rule book when I was friendly with Danielle or when I wasn't agreeing with her on matters concerning how she was dealing with her family, but when it benefited Teresa, she could reach out to her. Define your definition of "loyalty" Teresa and stick to it! That was the point I was trying to make on that topic.

Teresa's rules always seem to change when it came to applying them to herself. I was trying to point out how hypocritical she was being. I told Teresa to just simply ask Melissa if the rumor was true and then ask, "What made you hate me that much that you would talk to someone that hated me so much?" I told her to ask her why she did that, hear her out, and then let it go like she expects everyone else to do when she's in the wrong. "Why not just let it go?" I asked. I only said that to make a point. Asking Melissa about it would have been better than thanking Danielle publicly for coming forward with this information and drawing more attention to someone that was jealous of everybody and was deliberately trying to hurt Teresa's family for no good reason but to be rotten. To be fair, Teresa had been guilty of the same thing she was accusing Melissa for, and I wanted to make her see that. There were a few people that really disliked Melissa that Teresa had no problem talking to and about her, but again, that was OK and her loyalty rules didn't apply to herself.

Teresa and I had a talk over the phone the night before our talk on the deck. It was right after she tweeted to thank Danielle for her information and then told her she wasn't surprised. I told Teresa that, in my opinion, it made her look worse than Melissa because she was trying to "out" Melissa for something she did two years ago when they weren't friendly with each other. At this point in time, Teresa was trying so hard to pretend that she wanted peace with her family and I was getting tired of trying to help Teresa cover up the fact that she really didn't. I just wanted her to give her family a fair shot at working to resolve their issues. I wanted peace for her, especially while filming. I wanted peace for all of us.