Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline doesn't think Teresa follows her own definition of loyalty.

on Jun 18, 2012

In that phone call, I also reminded her that Danielle was trying desperately to get back on our show and trying way too desperately to stay relevant. By responding to her, she was only feeding her and bringing her back to life. Danielle had tried to hurt us all, including Teresa. We had all agreed after the Season 2 reunion that we wanted to keep Danielle out of our lives and out of our mouths. I reminded Teresa of that and she agreed with me, so that is when she changed her tune the next day in her Bravo blog stating that she (all of a sudden) "didn't believe" Danielle and told her if she had the "proof" to "show it or shut up and leave her family alone." Which, in my opinion, came off more as a challenge to Danielle than trying to silence her. I think she was hoping Danielle would make the proof that Melissa had talked to her public and everyone would hate Melissa again because she saw how people were starting to like her and she didn't like that.

It appeared to me that as much as Teresa claimed that Danielle was her worst enemy and Melissa had conspired with her, it was more important for Teresa to expose Melissa by challenging Danielle, even though it could hurt everyone else in the process by bringing her back into our lives. It wasn't like Melissa talked to Danielle recently trying to hurt Teresa. It was two years ago when they weren't getting along, and I knew that Teresa was guilty of doing the SAME thing. I wanted Teresa to see that she was accusing her brother of holding on to resentment and rehashing the past while doing the SAME THING herself! Again, her rules change to benefit her. I'm not AT ALL saying that it was right for Melissa to talk to Danielle. I admitted that I thought it was wrong, but Teresa was also trying to hurt Melissa by exposing whatever she could about her in the present and not just in the past.

When you look at Season 4, you can see how supportive Melissa has been in trying to keep the peace between her and Teresa and between Teresa and her brother despite Teresa's insults to her. As far as I could see, Teresa was the one doing and saying things to and about her family and coincidentally things kept being slipped into the tabloids about her family as well. In other words, Teresa would do little things to try to sabotage her family and friends like putting things about them in articles, sabotaging potential business opportunities, etc. all while claiming that she wanted to be one big happy family again. I was getting tired of hearing about it all the time, and I didn't want to be a part of it anymore. It was becoming very overwhelming for me. I couldn't get through to her, and it was getting harder and harder to justify her behavior and explain mine.