Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline doesn't think Teresa follows her own definition of loyalty.

on Jun 18, 2012

Teresa never used the words to me, "I don't want you to be friends with Melissa or Kathy!" But she DID imply it. What she DID say was, "Whose side are you on, my side or Melissa and Kathy's side?" and, "If I am your friend, why won't you call them out?" and, " If you were MY friend you would say (this) or (that)!" or "Don't say (this) or (that)." What Teresa wasn't getting was that when I saw her family saying or doing something wrong, I DID tell them my opinion. I mostly disagreed with Joey's name calling (garbage, bitch, etc.) and I felt like he owed her an apology as well. I truly cared and wanted them to get past their issues, but Teresa would never let up or let go of anything and then she would put the blame entirely on everyone else without taking any accountability for her own actions. At this point in time, I rarely spoke to her family so I didn't know them well enough to get too deep into a conversation about it with them and they were never bashing Teresa to me. It was frustrating to me, because I really wanted peace between everyone while filming. (As much as possible, at least.) I just couldn't see the end in sight to their bickering and it was filling up my head. Don't forget I had to work with all of these people, and I hated all this negativity and the pressures on me to do and say things that were expected of me. I had my own things on my plate and I didn't need to eat all of their sh-- too! It was overwhelming. Besides all of that, she never seemed to care about anything that I was going through. It was too one-sided of a friendship, and she became too high maintenance. I still loved her, I still cared, but I was still hurt.

I snap a little bit in next week’s episode. I felt rejected by Teresa. I felt like she was being so fake. I'm not proud of my behavior, but you will witness the "angry and hurt" me. I would like to call next episode my a--hole episode. We ALL have one. Enjoy!