Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita is excited to get back into the beauty biz.

on Jul 25, 2012

My husband is a good man! He's the best, and I thank you all for noticing this. He gets so much love from you all, and that makes me feel so good! My husband is a peacemaker like me. He likes everyone to play nice. He is a very loyal, supportive friend and extremely patient. At this point in time, Chris and I were hearing from many sources that Teresa and Joe had plenty of negative things to say about us behind our backs that were completely out of line and they had given their own spin on things. I would confront Teresa about it, and she would deny it. We kept hearing similar stories from various unrelated people, so we started to believe it was a good possibility that it was true that they were saying these things about us.

My husband and I have never, EVER brought up Teresa and Joe's financial situation on TV or anything personal about them in the press. It wasn't until after the reunion that I may have impulsively tweeted a couple of things about her when I was upset, but I wasn't hiding as the source. It was clear it came directly from me. If I was asked a question about my situation with Teresa while at an event by the media, I simply answered it. I don't have a "relationship" with any magazine to put stories out there. My husband would never, ever put anything about either of them in a tabloid or in the press. That is entirely not my husband’s way, and anyone that knows him would know that. Teresa and Joe were the FIRST ones to talk about their issues on the show, and they were the ones who put stories out there in the press, and that is the ONLY reason anything was ever discussed on our show.