Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita is excited to get back into the beauty biz.

on Jul 25, 2012

Also Bellapierre is AMAZING! Best mineral make-up out there in my opinion. I really enjoy playing with it. There was a time shortly after that scene when Bellapierre was talking to me about endorsing their product and helping them bring it to the United States. Some amazing things came out of that meeting. I have since begun working with ENV Consulting. They really believe in my abilities and are helping me with projects that are truly my passion. I have so much to contribute to the worlds of beauty and wellness. It’s so exciting!

I wasn't quite ready to take that leap back into the business world while my baby boy still needed me at home. I told myself that once Nicholas started preschool, I could dedicate more of my time focusing on a career. Guess what? Nicholas starts preschool this fall. Stay tuned...

I wanted to make it clear that I really love Linda. I met her through Teresa a while ago. I've been to her house and she has been to mine. Our kids have played together. She is a cool girl. I have no problem with her. I just ran into her recently and she was more than polite and classy with me. As a mature adult, she remains friends with Teresa while remaining friendly with me. I respect that. That's my kind of girl. When I called her a soldier, I only meant that she will speak up on behalf of Teresa and say the things that Teresa wants her to say, so she doesn't have to say it. When you do that for her, she will reward you by calling you a true and loyal friend. If you don't, your relationship with her will shift for the worse. It's a manipulation tactic. I don't play like that.