Kathy Wakile

Kathy shares her thoughts on the pool party drama (and Rosie's belly flop).

on May 13, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

Did everyone have a great day? What did you all do? We had a great day barbecuing at our house, we shared some our favorite mom stories, and with nine kids between my mom and mother-in-law, there was no shortage of laughter. I’m so glad that there’s a day to celebrate mothers, but folks don’t wait for just one day in May to show your mamma a little love. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; sometimes it’s just a quick phone call or even a text. It can really make a difference in her day!

Now for my thoughts on this week’s episode. By the way, watching this play back is never that easy, especially because it is family. As you all know, we did live through this a year ago and most of our emotions have settled down since then, so it’s always difficult to watch when everything is churned up again. The other difficulty is to have to listen to what is being said about you when you are not around. I will admit and take responsibility, as I have in the past, for anything that I have said to hurt anyone’s feelings. While I’m not making excuses for myself or Richie’s comments, I can honestly say that they were not said to maliciously hurt anyone. We say things out of anger and frustration. We are human, and our emotions do get the best of us at times. In all fairness though, when I hear juvenile comments about me and Rich I feel hurt just like anyone else.

When Richie and I were discussing the events of the solstice party, I was giving my opinion about the comments Teresa made to her brother Joey about Melissa. Whatever her motivation was, whether she felt she was justified or not, my feelings are that she was wrong to say that to her brother. Again, that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to have one. I felt that it was a toxic statement that would serve no purpose other than to be hurtful. As you noticed I stayed out of that entire conversation and kept my opinion to myself where Teresa was concerned. I did not want to get involved because, as we all know, anything that I approach Teresa with gets taken the wrong way. I had made a conscious decision at the BLK launch party to try to mend our relationship. I don’t know exactly what Teresa is going through, and I don’t want to add another set of opinions to her plate that would overwhelm her, and quite frankly she would clearly not listen to them anyway.