Kathy Wakile

Kathy shares a positive experience that came out of being on the show.

on Jun 19, 2012

I am now, and always have been, a loyal family member. I can honestly say that I understand why Jacqueline was feeling worried and concerned for Teresa and her family. It’s what we were all feeling. Teresa would tell us all one thing  and then the press would say something completely different. It’s very confusing. Wouldn’t you all be confused too? The only crazy one here is the person trying to get all of the people around her and the public as whole to believe that when a magazine puts your words in quotes you didn’t really say it and have no control over it. That’s nonsense -- own what you say and do.

I am a proud woman and I will never let anyone hold something over my head, so once and for all, Teresa, I did not ever go behind your back or actively peruse any position on this show. I resent the fact that you continuously put out false stories to the press to try and convince anyone otherwise.

I have lived through many difficult situations in my life, from losing my father-in-law suddenly to watching my father suffer and loose his long battle with lung cancer. Shortly after that was the most difficult time in my life -- when my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. These trials surely put things in perspective. I pray to God that no one should go through such a rough patch like that in their lives. The most important things are not things.

On Saturday my daughter and I led the walk for the National Brain Tumor Society. Among those walking were families that lost their loved ones to brain tumors, others were walking and living everyday with their tumors. There were others that are fortunate like my daughter, Victoria, who are brain tumor survivors and thrivers. We shared our stories and cried and hugged one another. That is what is truly important in this world, human connection.